Ken Capitanich - President

Ken Kraft - Engineer

Producer, Consultant, and Musician


Ken Kraft has made his living as a musician since 1967 when he left Southern California and moved to Santa Cruz with his family. In 1968 he partnered with Bob O’Neill and joined the group Snail which went on to tour extensively and put out two well received albums released world wide.

In the late 1970′s, Ken began work as a producer in local recording studios. Since that time, he has been involved in hundreds of recording projects as a producer, arranger, guitarist, and singer/songwriter.

Ken is currently a member of Stormin’ Norman and the Cyclones, as well as Kraft-O’neill and the Messiahs, Harpin’ Jonny and the Primadons, The Larry Hosford Band, and Karin Phoenix and Nightfire. He toured with Lacy J. Dalton in 2001.

Ken started a second career as a music teacher in the early 80′s offering private, one on one guitar and bass instruction, and continues that work today.

Vince Sanchez - Engineer


For the past fifteen years Vince has engineered in studios in such diverse places as Sydney, Austrailia, Los Angeles, Nashville and New Orleans. In the process he has had projects nominated for Grammy and Dove awards. His clients have included Leon Patillo, Vanessa Williams, George Winston, A&M Records, Warner-Tamerlane Pub., Famous Music, Word and Sparrow Records.

Recent Clients:

Roger Eddy, Marty Headman, Leon Patillo, Rhythm Sheiks, Ramon Romero, Colin Farish, Leslie Ellis, Blind Curve, Charley Thweatt, Black Olive Records, Sigma Systems, UCSC, Prime Quest, ConsulTeam, Harbor Records, Angelight Records, Hidden Waters Music, NeTpower.

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