$ per hour


Multi-Track Record/Edit/Playback

24/16/8/2 Analog or Digital

$ 75.00

Note: Two hour minimum


2 Track Mastering from Analog or Digital



Analog or Digital Transfers


Note: One hour minimum

Make a Payment

As an option for Studio Reservations and Payment you can complete the transaction through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account, you can execute payment with a credit card as a “guest”.


The above rates include one staff engineer and apply to all modes of recording, overdubs, mixing, playback, and editing. Musicians, arrangers, producers, and jingle writers, are available through studio referral.


Mars Studio has a complete 2/16/24 track analog machines and the latest in digital audio recording with a 32 channel automated console. Mars Studio desktop digital audio system features MOTU DP 6.0 and PRO TOOLS 9 with 24i/o interface. Our mastering software is Bias Peak Pro XT6 with many plugins. A comprehensive CD music and sound effects library are also available.

Instrument/Equipment Rental:

Additional outboard gear and instruments are available on a prepay rental basis. Prices quoted upon request. Equipment ordered and set-up is charged to client regardless of use.


Located in a quiet country setting minutes from Santa Cruz. Fully equiped kitchen, lounge with 25″ color cable TV, sun deck, horseshoe pit, and barbecue available for your convenience and comfort.

Note: All rates are subject to change without notice. We will not be held responsible for typograhpical errors.

  • Songwriters Showcase

    Songwriters Showcase is at the Britannia Arms from February to May every Tuesday!

    Sign up form with rules and regulations here. Please also complete the Songwriter Bio here and the Scoresheet here before arriving at the venue.