50% deposit to reserve studio.

Full payment required upon completion of each session.

Invoices not paid when due are subject to a finance charge of 1 1/2% per month (18% annual rate on the unpaid balance) until paid. All tapes remain property of studio until the account is paid in full.

No reservation is confirmed until receipt of deposit.

Minimum Time Charges:

2 hour minimum for recording, thereafter time charged in half-hour increment.

1 hour minimum charge for editing or dubbing.

Sessions reserved on an “Open End” basis is billed to midnight.

Studio lockout requires 12 hours minimum per day.

Set-Up Per Project:

Maximum 1 hour free set up for sessions of 6 or more hours. Charged time begins no later than first Mic-Check.

Cancellation Information:

Any studio reservation constitutes a contract; 48 hours notification (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) required in the event of cancellation or reduction of reservation. A client failing to notify studio 48 hours prior to session is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. In the event of No-Show, client is charged for all time reserved.

Block Booking:

A Block Booking consists of 4 or more days of scheduled sessions during a calendar week. A week’s (7 days) notice required for cancelling a Block Booking or any part thereof, including decreasing the hours of particular sessions. No charge to client for any portion of cancelled Block Time that we are able to re-book.

Business Hours:

Office: 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday
Studio: 7 days, 24 hours (by appointment only)

Limits of Liability:

The use of all MARS’ Recording Studio equipment and facilities shall be undertaken at the clients risk. MARS shall not be liable for any injuries or personal property loss or damages of whatever type or nature. MARS shall not be liable for any consequential damages resulting from equipment failure such as compensation payable by the client to personnel during any delay. Mars assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to musical instruments, any related musical equipment, recorded tapes, or personal property of client. Client’s tapes will be stored, at the client’s risk. Client shall obtain insurance against these risks.

Mars reserves the right to make changes in policy without prior notice.

  • Songwriters Showcase

    Songwriters Showcase is at the Britannia Arms from February to May every Tuesday!

    Sign up form with rules and regulations here. Please also complete the Songwriter Bio here and the Scoresheet here before arriving at the venue.