CD Dub

Mars Studios is now offering a complete CD Duplication service. We are setup to handle all artwork and labeling. Please review the outline below for further details. Please contact us if you have any additional questions questions regarding this service.















CD to CD duplication includes blank printable CDR and Jewel Case.

Setup charge:

$15.00 per title includes typesetting, layout, design.
Artwork or logos scanned at $10.00 each item.

Printing on CD (600 dpi):


Estimated Graphic Cost:

Setup fee $30.00 per side or page
Insert or tray (one sided)
Artwork scanned at $10.00 each item.

Color Printing cost (per jewel case):

Insert & Tray card


Insert only


Tray only



Place insert in jewel case .15 cents each. Fold and place tray card and snap tray into case .25 cents each. Shrink wrap CD .25 cents each jewel case.

Studio services:

Transfer to CD Master (red book master) $75.00 up to 45 minutes

Mastering $100.00 per hour (Digital editing, EQ, Compressing, Limiting, Fade in/out or cross fades, and Levels).

  • Songwriters Showcase

    Songwriters Showcase is at the Britannia Arms from February to May every Tuesday!

    Sign up form with rules and regulations here. Please also complete the Songwriter Bio here and the Scoresheet here before arriving at the venue.